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Rib pain

10 years with MCTD.

Does anyone get pain in the rib cage? I have had it over a month now and it feels bruised most of the time and occassionally I get cramps or something. Really uncomfortable most of the time with also pain in big toe on left and tightness in my scalp (this one isn't a new symptom). I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago with heart problems, but haven't heard anything. My rheumi is running 3 months behind, so even though she wanted to see me in "no more than 3 months", I think it might be Christmas before I get one. On pred 20mg, plaquenil, Humira and methotrexate,, but nothing seems to work.


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Have you checked out Costochondritis. ? Sounds similar to what I got and not nice but not had it since I was diagnosed lupus and started on plaquenil.


Hi Claire

Sorry to read your horrible health problems. I too have the Lupus heart problems which are painful aren't they?.

To make sure you get your Rheumy Appt you could ring her secretary and explain you've been in hospital and need to see her . They should organise an appt for you. I had to do this for myself this year and got an appt. On your hospital discharge letter does it say Rheumy follow up?. If it does you can quote that to the secretary.Good luckX


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