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Four weeks ago i went to my GP with sever back pain, also in my hips and legs, i came out with high blood pressure, and a chest infection, i have been feeling so unwell now for 4 weeks Two weeks ago i have a uti and another course of antibiotics, i am feeling so weak, i have a terrible cough, i am going to see my GP tomorrow again. I cant stand this anymore does anyone understand or care.

I have SLE Fibro Raynauds, Sjrogens,

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Hi libainfo

So sorry to read how unwell you are!. No wonder you feel so weak, having 2 debilitating infections will really take it out of you!. Having had to take antibiotics for the UTI has probably lowered your immune system enough to now have a chest infection.,Cranberry Juice can be good for urine infections and for preventing them. If you get more antibiotics from your GP for your chest infection it might be worth you taking Vit c and Zinc to help your immune system recover and make you less prone to winter bugs!.

Good luck when you see your GP and I hope you feel better soon. Take CareX


Poor you, remember that an infection in normal people makes them feel ill but for you with having two quite quickly you will be worse. You need to rest have bloods done you may be in a flare. You will improve again I promise but get people to understand, not easy but it's the only answer. (Sorry didn't mean to say you weren't normal you know what I mean). Good luck. Hugs. Xx


Hi, we all care, and feel for you. May not help much but I am sending hugs and prayers. Xxxxx


Thankyou for all your kind comments, i didnt even have the energy to go to my gp today, even when my esr is high the doc says what does your rheumy do?. It has just been a terrible year for me with infection , after infection. Thankyou once again xxxxx


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