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Humira and Methotrexate Dilema :-(

Hi, I am currently on a break from Methotrexate and Humira and am due to introduce them back slowly a few weeks back. I was reluctant to start back on Humira and now really wobbly as a very close friend of mine is about is really ill with cancer and its got me thinking about the awful side effects of these drugs. I need to get back on something as my joints are becoming stiff and painful and I know we are all at risk of cancer, but do I want to add to that risk? I have an appointment with the Rheumy nurse next week but as I haven't yet started the injections as instructed, was thinking of postponing. Are there any other tnf treatments that don't have such severe side effects that I could possibly ask to be transferred onto? I know, I am always told that quality of life now and prevention of severe joint damage is better than IF I suffer from these horrendous side effects, but that isn't helping me at the moment!!!! I know, from reading these posts in forums that I am not alone about the worry of side effects. Confused today :-(

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First off, don't postpone your appointment. That's teaching avoidance and that's a bad place to get into psychologically. If you haven't started yet go and talk to her and tell her why; that's part of her job too, consoling and listening to people who are scared or unhappy about these drugs or the injection process etc. I'm not on Humira but I have been on methotrexate for 10 years (mostly orally, 1 year of injections). I hated the injections so I can sympathise with you there; but they did help me feel much better. But I still begged my rheumy to get me off them and back onto oral tablets as quickly as possible and he did it so that may be a route worth exploring because sometimes the tablets are tolerated more easily (I actually had much milder side effects from the injections but psychologically I just couldn't take it).

Regarding Humira I'm also on Mercaptopurine (puri-nethol) rather than it. My doctor gave me the option of Humira and I read up on it and said no because of the side effects and the fact that it's really more of an arthritis drug and I have Lupus so I'd rather stick with MTX and Mercapto. There are lots of alternative immunosuppressants out there for Lupus so maybe talk to your rheumy about some of them. Best of luck with it and don't give up, you'll find the drug regime that works for you :)


Thank you for your reply! I did postpone the appointment but only for a week, just so I can get my head straight and think about what I want to do. I have RA, I was originally diagnosed with Lupus but the dr's now think its probably zero negative RA. I was moved onto methotrexate injections as the nausea was just getting too much on the tablets, I have been on it for 10 years also. I must say the injections don't make a lot of difference side effect wise and I don't mind actually doing it, its just what its doing to my body. Funny how I never really think about what damage the RA is doing to my body though! I think I may take some time to look through these forums and see what other options there are regarding Humira.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, hope you have a lovey weekend :-)


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