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tested positive for DNA antibodies does this mean I am likely to have Lupus?

I have just had a problem with my a nerve behind my eye and a test has come back saying I have tested positive for DNA antibodies (47IU/ml)

Could I have lupus? I have had problems with bursitis and tendonitis for years and had cortisone injections all the time. Have a slight red face but since Xmas have sometimes had a very red face as though I am very hot. Can't say I am more tired than usual but really suffer with legs and back ache if I walk a long way. Any advice would be great while I wait to see a rheumatologist. Can the symptoms be very mild?

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Hi wmell,

You can read about the different blood test results and what they mean for a lupus diagnosis in our factsheet here -

If you require more information about lupus then I can send you one of our free information packs. Just send me a private message or email with your name and address.


Hi. Thanks for the reply. I had already read this but need to know what is considered a high or positive result. Mine was 47IU/ML. Everything I read seems to say I have lupus or will develop it within 5 yrs. I have some symptoms but this was picked up when I suddenly developed 4th nerve palsy which I'm not sure whether or not is a symptom of lupus. My GP doesn't know so I am to see a rheumatologist but should I be seeing a lupus specialist? I know the anti DNA test results can fluctuate but would like to find out what is considered negative positive and high. There also seems to be different types of numbers talked about. I want to go armed with as much info as possible. So any answers would be great.


Hi wmell. I'm afraid I can't give you an answer. I'm not medically trained, the scales they use vary based on the supplier of the test and it is not possible to make a diagnosis based on one test result in isolation.

Some rheumatologists are lupus specialists. Most people with lupus see a rheumatologist, so see how you get on. Let us know how it goes. Have you got a date for an appointment yet?


Hi. Thanks for the reply. I see the rheumatologist next wednesday so will repost then. Spoke to a haematologist and that I know and she said the number doesn't matter it is either negative or positive and then asked if I had lupus as it shows auto immune problem that is usually lupus! We will see. Thanks for the support.


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