advice please

morning everyone,

I work on a Tuesday evening at my local small supermarket, I work a four hour shift as any more than that and I couldn't cope. ive noticed that the last 12 shifts or so ive woken the next day with a headache and neasea.

could it be the strip lighting through out the shop please? theres extra lighting on chillers to display chilled goods so im in intense lights for whole 4 hours.

my managers have been great as I no longer work on tills as my fatigue would cause me to make mistakes, I have difficulty looking from screen to screen (new and very bright) and then to customer etc,it makes me dizzy. I stutter at times and customers complained they thought I was drunk on duty as my speech was slurred, of course I wasn't drunk!

I pace myself everyday, my life is work,rest,work ,rest and no play. I need to keep my job and show my bosses that I am worth keeping in the team.

any advice on how to prevent this reaction would be greatly received, how can I protect myself more?

thankyou a very queezy caninecrazy x

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Do you wear a uniform or your own clothes? A matching hat/cap and more sun screen, sorry that is all I have for you. Oh, and maybe some real blingy glasses to protect your eyes


I had red rashes appear on the backs my hands and on my face while working under flursesent lighting. Folk were able to turn off the lights directly above me and that helped. Can you get some kind of cover/filter on your screen? Maybe, is it possible to do one job at a time. Computer or customers?? Good Luck.


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