My body is drowning itself in phlegm and I'm constantly coughing up foamy white phlegm. My stomach hurts and is big and bloated. My cough I've had so long I can't remember when it started.i breath shallow and heavy. Can't breath through my nose when im walking. .but open mouth. .and I wease constantly.

Does anyone else get this?? Any treatment? I do walk dogs everyday so I'm not too unfit.

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  • Hi Sharonleane, my son has gastric reflux GERD and before it was treated/diagnosed he had your symptoms- a constant cough and coughing up a white foamy stuff. He also had stomach problems and lost a lot of weight. It might be worth googling GERD ( gastro oesophageal reflux disease).

    Sorry if this is wrong idea and hope you get it sorted out. X

  • Sounds like asthma/hayfever I have these symptoms and use inhalers. They help me to breathe better. It's worse after laying down as phlegm collects on my chest but within a few minutes it starts to clear. see your doctor as I get chest infections regularly.

  • Was also going to suggest gastric reflux so easy to treat would be worth giving medication a try x

  • I also have this coughing (pulmonary fibrosis) and gastric reflux (also muscles of my oesophagus are weakened) by Lupus MCTD. I am now using ambulatory oxygen.

  • Was just going to ask about this yesterday, but never got to it. Sometimes I wake up and coughing for awhile and phlegm comes up. I was thinking it could be allergies or something. Was a little worried it was something not working right. Better after I exercised and better today. Sorry I could not help with a diagnosis, I haven't figured it out yet myself what causes it. Good luck and take care...

  • I think I have similar symptoms and mine are due to asthma - the feeling of lungs full of fluid and although I can breathe deeply, I don't seem to get enough oxygen. I use inhalers and they help a lot. I also swim regularly - the swimming in warm water and breathing moist air seems to help. I am allergic to dogs (among other things) and currently house and dog sitting for friends(!) and my symptoms are much worse so I'm coming to the conclusion that I will not agree to do this again. We don't have a dog of our own at the moment and may need to make a decision to not get another. However, what helps is to sweep (their floors are all tiles) and mop everyday and not have the dogs indoors. I also wash my hands after handling them.

  • Could be cardiac overload or even CHF. Nothing to play with. Please go have chest X-ray! Are you swollen in hands and legs/ankles. Frothy sputum is a symptom of CHF. Are your neck veins distended?

  • My sister had symptoms like what you describe,she was on a drug metotraxate,one of the doctors she attends reckons it was the drug that causes the symtoms.Along with the above suggestions I would look at side effects of drugs you are on.Hope it improves!

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