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lupus sjogrens and /or thyroid?

my symptoms are puffiness above eyes,discolouration,nasal sores and swelling(bone).dry eyes,swollen tongue and ulcers(?)query oral thrush caused by antibiotics),facial rash and scalp condition,sores around knuckles and fingernails.swelling and enlarged glands in neck,rashes and swellign on lower legs. persistent pelvic pain ,weight loss on hips.legs,back and chest yet increase in abdomen.left foot painful and cold and at an angle when walking.cannot stand on it for long.

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Oh SNAP, I have been like that for YEARS, 30 and the rest and it was only picked up last year what was the problem. 'They' said it is Sjogrens and have given me Clinitas drops for my eyes as well nasal cream, too late for all the teeth I have lost but know I am being treated hope to hang on to the rest. They say there is nothing else they can give me for the weight loss on my legs (wish it did it on my Bum and Tum!) and they told me to wear cotton gloves and socks in bed! Oh so romantic! You are the first person I have spoken to who has the exact problems as me. I also have Lupus (SLE) and with all the medication I take for that, it is the reason they can not give me anything else. I am waiting to see other peoples comments as there might just be something to help us. Good luck my friend.xx


hi hazel it s so good to know others share my symptoms and experiences.been dismissed by drs and consultants for last 2 years+.who diagnosed yours?at least yours have recognized the weight loss mine haven't because they only acknowledge total weight -not where it s lost and gained in different areas.looking forward to another battle with gp on wednesday and sort out issues get them to take me seriously.despite havign the symptoms of lupus/sjogrens they wont recognize them as they say bloods are normal.not giving up the fight!!they will have to accept what I tell them eventually.mad em laugh/cry-gp said in aletter to me "a syou have sena variety of speciallists an dbeen given a range of reassuring opinions none of which yopu seem able to accept at present".

ha when they don't accept what I say.!!



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