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I have just searched this as I read somewhere that bruising around the eyes is a symptom of this.the websites looked at make no reference to bruising. does anyone else have this and is it a sjogren's symptom or one of lupus?

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I have both Sjogrens and Lupus I have no idea about brusing under the eye sorry. Hope someone else can help x

Hi, like AnnieKhan I have Lupus with Sjogrens but have not had bruising under my eyes. The skin can look dark when I'm fatigued but not bruised. Xx

hi I am sure mine is bruising as i've had it for about 2 years. if its just dark then I am fatigued all the time!! when it first appeared my DR said to wear make up to hide it-not what could possibly be the cause.

I also have Lupus with Sjogrens but no bruising under my eyes. always been told that dark patches under the eyes were a sign of fatigue and could also be a due to lack of fluids????

Hi I do have sjogrens and bruising! however I do take steroids and had a blow to my face which caused very bad bruising which did not totally go. Could it be more to do with steroids? I also have other dark patches on my skin which I assumed was lupus related. So maybe not related to the dry eyes?

anbuma in reply to saranne

my "bruising" is actually on the inside of my eyes

I suffer very badly with dry eyes, have done for many years, have had episodes of bruising more recently, really quite painful, also sore red patches on the white of my eye.My GP said it was nothing to worry about, probably because I am 'very fragile' due to 30 years of steroids- not entirely convinced!I do attend an eye clinic twice a year but these things never happen at the time of my appointment, so the consultant has nothing to inspect!

hi, I'm sure I've seen something recently re sjogrens and bruising. I'm being tested for it in eye clinic next month so looked it up. I have to use eye drops daily. ( I have mild lupus too)


I have always had 'panda eyes' all my life. I only found out I had the spectrum of all these diseases within the last two years, but have suffered silently without knowing. So, what you are saying makes sense to me. I always hid the bruising look with make up. The 'bruising' I experience is under my eyes and around my eye sockets. Sometimes I look as if I have eye shadow on! lol. It's very interesting what you have mentioned, I have not read or come across this. I suppose it's yet another thing we have to put up with! I only started taking steroids during the last two years, so they cannot be blamed for the discolouration in my case, but who knows?!!!!

I hope you are able to get a lift from the obstacles of these illnesses. Hugs.

does anyone have puffiness and swelling over their brow bone is so painful to touch and so prominent.eyes are half closed from swelling.

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