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is this lupus not fibro?plus other problems

had fibro then 2 years ago when it was just joints and muscles that were affected ,things got worse,and now I have pain spread from my head to my pelvis.i have swelling around and over my eyes,enlarged thyroid.possible goitre in larynx and a lump under my jaw.

feels like my neck is being nose is swollen (bone)and so painful to touch.have the characteristic butterfly shaped rash on face and sores around my finger and toe nails,protruding stomach is swelling more and more and getting harder each day even tho I am not eating any more than weight loss (a year ago)can only be due to thyroid problem??am seeing my gp again on Friday armed with everything written down what I want to ask him and show him posts from here where others have exactly the same issues etc as me.i still don't think he will take me seriously.

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Good morning

Sorry to hear you are having such difficulties. I was initially diagnosed with sle/lupus following positive anti dna blood test. When apt with rheumo finally came round he told me I also had fibromyalgia. I was advised they often happen together but also that some of the symptoms are very similar. Certainly sounds like you might have lupus. Hopefully your gp will send you for the relevant blood tests.

Good luck and hope you don't feel too bad today.


thank you its good to know that people here are so understanding as they know exactly the problems we have and family members /friends and even some doctors not understanding the symptoms etc we have.

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today my neck is more swollen(and so is my left leg -tried new boots on and left leg was difficult to get zip fastened.)-thyroid doesn't feel too enlarged but larynx and lump under my jaw are definitely enlarged. don't know what to do -if I go back to my dr he will just sya "I cant feel anything" again.

I recently contacted my MP again but now think it wont make any difference as I did so before and just said drs have done everything right-when they clearly dismiss stuff.


Sounds like you do have a thyroid disorder too...

I have noticed quite a lot of people who have fibro an lupus also have an underactive thyroid, just like myself


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