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Link to USA lupus advert & rheumy appt check list

My sister in the USA has seen this advert by glaxosmithkline on her tv a lot just recently

It's a great advert: check it out!

Can't they make a uk version?

And at the advert website, there is a link to a FAB check list we can take to our clinic Appts: I've printed it out for using at my appt in sep/oct

Anyway, see what you think:


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This is brilliant, thank you for sharing. The checklist is a very good starting point - I will probably print tens of sheets, bound them together and use them as my symptom diary.


WOW: grrrrreat brainwave! I'm going to do this too


This is a brilliant idea, if for nothing else then providing a record overtime to the doctor of all your symptoms we spend so long living with them we sometimes forget to keep reporting the changes


Well put: keeping these records is VITAL


Hi Barnclown...Really useful site..thanks for sharing it..will be downloading the sheets tonight..take care Redfive


would love a uk version of this advert to raise awareness for everyone. It would be great if one could be financed.


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