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Dizzy Turns and Flash Backs

Hi Guys, for the past couple of months, in particular, I have been taking dizzy turns, pins and needles in hands, hairs on my arms and legs stand on end followed by strong feelings that I could throw up.

I also get flashbacks like hearing sentences verbatim that I have heard before, right before the symptoms appear.

I am 4 mg of warfarin daily after suffering two DVTS in my legs and take 400mg of plaqniel daily.I was diagnosed with SLE over 20 years ago after suffering what looked like a heart attack but turned out to be inflammation of the lining of my heart.

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Could you have epilepsy as well, it might be worth checking out the symptoms. I recognise dizzy spells and flashbacks, has their ever been anyone with you when you have these spells.i have epilepsy caused by Hughes syndrome.

I guess you might have Hughes syndrome as you have had blood clots. My inr range has to be around 3.5. I had a heart attack but mine was caused by a blood clot.

Hughes syndrome is on the health unlocked site

Do you have your blood tested regularly ?


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