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i took your advice and went to the Doc's!!

Last week I asked the question regarding palpitaions and on several of you advising me to go to the Doctors I did just that. Well what a surprise I had in store!! After being prescribed beta blockers, wharfrin and a trip to Hospital I am now awaiting a cardioversion procedure. I have a leaky heart valve and Atrial fibrillation. I don't think it has anything to do with my Lupus but i am sure I will find out for definite at some stage in the near future.However my CPR levels are 18! which is maybe a bit on the high side(not really sure) and my white blood cell count is high.I am seeing my GP tomorrow and will ask him about the blood tests and see if he thinks the Rheumy should be informed. Needless to say I feel completely wiped out at the moment but thanks to you I have hopefully nipped in the bud something that could have turned out quite nasty.

Once again this community works for all our benefit. Thankyou so so much x

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So glad you have had a result and not just ignored. I am sure it is not what you would have wanted but at least you have an answer. Good luck and hope things will improve.


Hi Tich. Glad to hear the docs were on the ball when you saw them. At least you now know why you were having the palpitations even though it's not exactly what you want. I hope you get it all sorted soon. All the best. x


so gald you took my advice sorry it is more serrious than you would like but so glad you didnt wait. and are getting the right treatment.


Thats where this web site is sooooo good, glad you took the advice, good luck.


I'm so glad you went.

Just think if it was not for this site,!!!!!!!!!!

My Husband had AF and went to have it sorted and is O/K now let us hope you will be too


Good job you went to get checked. Your CRP is high.It should be 5 or under. That shows when there is inflammation or infection in your body. Hope you get on ok.x


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