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I want to introduce you to Abiola who has kindly written a blog for you to read.

Hi, my Screen name is Abiola. If you are looking here because you feel you have or may have Lupus or a related condition then maybe my potted history can be some help.

I post regularly on the main LuPUS Message Board ( this page represents. I believe I developed Lupus following Glandular Fever nearly thirty three years ago. I also have some secondary conditions including APS (Hughes Syndrome).

It took nearly twenty years of worsening health for a Diagnosis and treatment.

Lupus can be hard to diagnose, the symptoms can be non specific, time can be needed to see how things develop etc. All the same I believe diagnosis is often made rather difficult. I am no Feminist but because the majority of Lupus patients are female I do believe it can be trivialised, misdiagnosed as stresses of Family Life etc.

Although I am pretty badly affected, many other Lupus Patients continue to work, many do not need particularly unpleasant medication etc. In other words my story is not meant to alarm.

I had suspected Lupus , in a vague kind of way, and it was the LUPUS Message Board run by Ros which put me in touch with people who had also struggled to get a diagnosis for various reasons. They were generous with their knowledge, and after all those years within 3 weeks I had a diagnosis , a treatment plan and a decent Consultant who specialised in Lupus! The knowledge of others and their experiences saved me a lot of Research, which was great because I was too ill to do it.

Even getting the diagnosis can be a really emotional time, you want the diagnosis-but not what goes with it.

My Daughter is also diagnosed, which is sad as she is only 21. (Lupus is only very weakly something which is inherited-she was just a bit unlucky)

I intend to stick my neck out here and say that what I found surprising and alarming in equal measure was the lack of emotional or psychological support, not just surrounding the diagnosis, but during many tough times since. I owe a very large debt to Rosalind Share and the Members and past Members of the Lupus Message Board-not only has their support and friendship been much appreciated, I have not found anything even remotely approaching it elsewhere.

Because of my own experiences, I try to be available to help and empower others. I am not a Doctor, I do not wish to be one, I am just someone with a lot of personal experience and a strong desire to pay back the kindness I received and still do.

Whatever your health needs are, I wish you the best you can be!

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Been on such a roller coaster last 2 years, after having to have emergency treatment for Lupus nephritis, grade 3, skin and joint involvement. Now realise that l was in denial for most of that time and really believed l would eventually get better and back to my old self! only just coming to terms with the fact that is never going to happen :(


Dear Laura,

Welcome! I am sorry to read about your suffering. You are not alone in your exxperiences.

If you would like to talk some more, please join us at the LuPUS Message Board @

Signing up is free.

Any problems, please let me know: roz [at] lupus-support [org].[uk]

Be well!



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