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Work and brain SLE

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It is lupus day today. I am so scared about work. I have just return but i get so much brain fogs and i cant remember things and is a bit slow. Yesterday they placed me on my own. And I wasn't supervised. And lot of my patients were not well. And I managed them. I feel scared to say that i am slow because they might think i cannot do the job because of my conditions, I am on phase return. I am a nurse and i want to get back into normal duties but slowly. I need a routine so i can stick to it.

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I hear you and you aren’t alone in how you are feeling and your self-doubts. These feelings are normal.

Trying to deal with your health, your job as a nurse and your feelings is an impossible task. I would recommend you talk to a therapist, not because I don’t think you can cope, but because it’s too much to bear alone!

Sometimes it’s not possible to share your feelings with family or friends. Sometimes it’s better to talk to a stranger: a therapist where you can find an understanding and empathic other.

You are always welcome to talk to me, but please think about seeing a therapist. Your GP can refer you. It’s too much to deal alone.

With good wishes,


Thank you i completed my cbt 9 weeks a month ago

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lupus-support1Administrator in reply to Marva91

I don’t mean CBT. I mean some form of talking therapy eg psychodynamic or psychoanalytic. I know it’s really hard to get this in the UK.I don’t know whereabouts you are. If you are in the UK you can find free or low cost talking therapy. In my experience, I don’t think CBT is the right form of therapy for you. Obviously, I don’t know your clinic history but my experience working with patients tells me talking therapy is more appropriate. Unfortunately, the NUS is run by accountants, not therapists.

I would encourage you to ask your GP if he can help. If you want any help please feel free to contact me.

Disclosure: I am a psychoanalytic clinician but I am not diagnosing you! It’s that in my experience, talking therapy works better for those of us with SLE etc

With good wishes,


I really appreciate your reply. I will take into account.

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