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Hi Everyone

Could one of you kind people help me interpreter the last line of my resent letter. I’m confused from where it says anti Ro positive. Now does that mean the dsDNA & anti CCP are also positive. That’s how I’m reading this.

I would really appreciate any thoughts or comments. 🥴

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My advice will always be to see your doctor to discuss the results.

It isn't clear at all from ENA onwards. Unless you can see the actual results, it's guess work.

With good wishes,


Thank you Ros I do appreciate you taking the time to answer my query.

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lupus-support1Administrator in reply to Fisher50

I am just sorry I can't be much help here - your GP will presumably have the results from your consultant as the latter are impossible to get hold of!

Be well!

Hey, so I am reading it as Lupus anticoagulant and ENA positive.

The rest appear to be negative. But it could be the way he’s wrote it that makes it seem confusing. Your best bet would be to ring you gp and ask him to talk you through your results. X hope this helps x

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