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Medical help


I have been living with Lupus for 23 years and by the grace of God, I have kept my sanity. This year has been he'll but I stand on my faith the God will see me through. I am not working nor have medical coverage. Applied for disability and its like pulling teeth. Due to me pending Disability, I can't obtain health coverage, so I must risk living w/o proper medical attention. My doctor wants to put me on a new drug due to my Lupus being so at five. Lupus needs more exposure of the health risks and complications that Lupus has. I need medical help and I need specialist, not regular physician. I’ve never bad to ask anyone for assistance or dependents or any state programs until now. I paid my taxes and gave back to organizations to help others but I can't receive any help. This is discouraging and had me having thoughts of ending my life. I'm so tired of hurting, not holding up to daily commitments, tired all the time and tired of faking when I'm in pain. Creams and taking multiple pills in hopes that the drugs will work gets over whelming.

I living with Lupus Nephritis, Discoid lupus, Subcutaneous Lupus erythematosus, Hypokalemia, Anemia, PERICARDITIS, Foot neuralgia, VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY LE Bilateral-with other complications/pos for saphenous reflux), Sjogren syndrome-(Uveitis), Proteinuria, Schatzki's Ring, Arthroplasty of both large toes, Lupus Vasculitis, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Raynaud’s disease. I can’t wait until a cure is found!

I've added one of several outbreaks.

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I am very sorry to read your story and that you don't have a lupus specialist or health coverage. It is understandable you are feeling anxious and depressed. However, you have written that you have been thinking of taking your life.

This is very serious and I cannot offer you any emergency help. I recommend you see your Primary Care Physician immediately and tell him/her about your suicidal ideation. Or, go to the ER!

You can also phone and speak to

If this is an emergency, call 911. If you are in crisis or suicidal and need someone to talk to call the Samaritans branch in your area or 1 (800) 273-TALK. at the Samaritans USA:

Please see your doctor immediately.

Please let me know what the doctor has recommended.

With good wishes,


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