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Hi all. I've suffered with Lupus for over 2 years. Im very photosensitive and cannot go out into daylight even with factor Sunsence 50+ plastered on my face (body fully covred)

I'm watching a program on TV which tells me the blue and purple light penetrates water and the other the other lights don't. Has anyone with Lupus spent a lot of swimming time in th the sun?

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If you are photosensitive, swimming in the sun may be problematic for you. You should wear protective clothing which will prevent the rays penetrating. You will also need to wear a hat which also protects you from harmful rays.

The protective sun screen has a short life and will wash off in the water!

When out of the water, sit under an umbrella that also has a filter to protect from harmful rays. Even when it is cloudy, you will be affected.

My advice is to see a dermatologist who can give you the advice you need.

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I also have extreme sun sensitivity, that is worse this year than ever before. I cannot think of any way to be safely outdoor swimming except maybe a wetsuit/diving hood. I have a couple sunblocks coming from Amazon, full mineral - 25% zinc. Kind of like the sunblock you would see on lifegaurd's and surfers' noses back in the day. I am hoping these blocks will allow me to be outside and garden for a half hour or so (still with hat, sunglasses and face scarf). I can let you know if they work. The other product I have ordered is an oral supplement called solarcare, which is polypodium leucotomos - supposed to provide some protection and lower inflammation...I'm desperate!! I'm trying these things based on recommendations from Dr. Dray - youtube dermatologist. I'm in Washington State and it takes 6 months to see a dermatologist...

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