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So has anybody else heard of treating lupus severe fatigue with ADHD medication

I have a great amount of fatigue now to the point to where I don't even want to lift my head my head feels heavy I also have a problem remembering things concentrating I can't concentrate on anything my last appointment was last month with my doctor and he had mentioned giving me medication for ADHD I can't think of the name of it but he said that it's something that gives you an extreme amount of energy and also it helps you concentrate I don't have ADHD I have OCD which is pretty much the opposite disease but now with this lupus flare-up I can't remember things at all I can't remember to schedule appointments I can't remember where I put things I can't write things down and put them away somewhere because I'll forget I forget appointment I forgot to refill my medications I forget to take my medications it's really horrible it's gotten way worse lately I just wanted to know is anybody else on medications for ADHD symptoms without actually having it for Lupus alone if so how does the medication affect you doesn't help with the fatigue does it help with being able to remember where you put things excetera the normal lupus symptoms that you have

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Here is some information about Ritalin for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and Fibromyalgia:

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I have actually taken adderall since before my lupus diagnosis. The extreme fatigue was my first symptom. The adderall helps. Before it, I slept at least 3hrs during the day. It's not a total cure. In people without fatigue it gives them tons of energy. In myself, I could take an adderall and still lay down and fall right asleep. It has definitely helped me function better and it does also help with concentration. Although I have noticed recently that I am struggling more with concentration. My dr tried increasing my adderall but it made me angry so we had to go back to my original dose.


Very interesting. Thank you for your imput.

Be well!



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