Lupus Diet- Do’s and Don’ts

I found these Diet and Nutrition tips over internet for Lupus disease, which anyone can follow at home.

Lupus is a long term autoimmune disease that has varying symptoms. It can be caused by certain medications, and occurs more commonly in women. The symptoms of it include chest pain, fever, hair loss, a “butterfly” rash, sensitivity to light, and more.

Diet is a key factor in overall physical health. What you eat can alter how your body deals with inflammation and how fast it heals itself.

Checkout this link, I hope it will help you at some level.

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  • Thank you for your post. Eating healthily is good for everyone, including those suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus.

    However, at present there is no evidence showing any link between lupus and any form of "diet". There are those who may be sensitive to certain foods and therefore should avoid them, noting their symptoms.

    Anyone considering any "diet" should always discuss this with their own doctor before going on any form of diet.

    Lastly, on the internet can be found all manner of "cures" telling the reader that it is "safe" or "natural".

    My lupus specialist has a good suggestion.

    First, ALWAYS make certain that whatever is being recommended, including "diets" CANNOT DO ANY HARM, that is, it has been scientifically proven it cannot do harm.

    Second, if it costs a lot of money . . . beware!

    I took a link at the link. Nowhere does it inform the reader who has devised the diet; it is anonymous, which is troubling. It also does not explain why this is a "lupus diet" ie there is no information or link to scientific journals or websites.

    With good wishes,


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