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Got myself an allotment a couple of weeks ago, to give me something to do and help take my mind off other more depressing stuff. Anyway i got more than I bargained for, I took over something that was more akin to a rain forest the weeds stood several inches above my head and covered a 300 yard plot. I have been convincing myself for the whole 2 weeks since that today I was going to clear it. So I have been saving little bits of my energy on a daily basis, you know the stuff that we let slip away without thinking and then come to regret when we run out of the precious stuff just exactly when we need it. (Some on here refer to this as 'saving spoons' which may work for some to ratify how they are coping but for me that is all too negative an outlook). Any way off I set at 8am to prepare the ground for the onslaught and at 10 it began. As you can see the forest has been dealt a mortal blow, however I am now going to have to spend the rest of the weekend with a cold cloth draped over my brow in a darkened room, as like the weeds that I challenged I am now totally flattened!!

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It is always good to have a project or hobby, but don't over do the physical. Ensure you do this in "manageable" slots.

Be well!



I have to keep my projects much smaller and they still overwhelm me at times. Then there are those times when unexpected life issues pop up and really throw me off. One day at a time.


Oh don't think that my life isn't like everyone else's, yes it is permanently off balance but I refuse to bow to it and as much as possible just try to bat on


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