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OK Time for a Question

As those close to me know I have not been feeling at my best for a couple of weeks and the energy levels have been very low, although in the main (the odd afternoon doze apart) I have managed to keep going of sorts. I have suffered most of my usual, Gastric problems, headaches, low energy, sore limbs, faltering eyesight, my balance issues have been getting gradually worse, to the point that the shifts in the room are very tangible now and often enough to make me actually fall, but in the main I seem to be managing to keep out of the sun enough to keep the rash at bay. However for a couple of days things changed, at first my headache disappeared to be replaced a couple of days later with what can only be described as a feeling of quite intense pressure to the front and top of my head, the restless hands and feet that I seem to have developed over the past few months became very extreme and irritating not only to myself, but those around me also, I started to nod offof an evening and when I did I got a massive drop in BP and awoke with a start. This went on for a couple (few) days and then on Wednesday I had serious problems firstly getting up in the morning and then finding any energy (even enough to make myself a brew) to get through the day. Then the headache came, and wow its was quite literally a blinder! Enough to make me beat a hasty retreat to bed in the early afternoon. I forced myself up around 7:30 or so only to drop quickly infront of the telly, when I woke it had started to go dark and so I switched the light on and..............OMG the floaters were that intense, numerous and vivid that for a split second I panicked and thought the room was full of flies. They quickly passed, and touch wood over the last couple of day I seem to be slightly pulling myself out of it again but are any of these symptoms familiar?

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Please go to to your GP and get that referral to see Dr David D'Cruz.

Be well!



I am with Ros get to your doctor but the floaters, fatigue and some other symptoms are comom to me before a migraine which is followed by the actual headaches that make me wish my head would explode. I see a neurologist and have had them for years but in the beginning I had cat scans and MRI'S to rule out other possibilities. I actually get flashing light instead of floaters but these are not symptoms to be ignored. Especially with the balance and shaking. Always get things like this checked out by a doctor right away.


Go to your Doctors asap!!

Get them to check your bloods... B12, iron, vitamin d!

A lot of people are low in a lot of these vitamins and it can cause a lot of problems!

If you are suffering with your BP, that needs sorting asap!!!

Good luck! Xx


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