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Titer 1-80? Regular doc said test specific to Sjorgrens, but doesn't mean I have it and that the score is low. Rheumy seemed to talk to me only about RA which he decided I didn't have, at least systemically. My regular doc told me to just keep eating and living clean. My research tells me that they don't understand the cause, thus there is no cure just drugs to mask the signs and symptoms. I don't like letting medical dogs lie so are there any suggestions? I am fatigued, but not daily; cured my bronchial asthma five years ago through clean living and eating and now this. Any ideas? I've sent for the lab tests from the rheumy as I am very pro-active. Also contacted the Sjorgren's Foundation. Any info out there? Thank you.

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  • Hi 4374 your Titer is very low and they also go by physical symptoms.

    When I went in my titer was 1280 and I had a lot of symptoms for a couple years before they tested. If they do not feel you need medication that is probably a good thing. I have heard many people without an auto immune disease can still have a titer especially a low one.

    I am on medication at this time only Plaquinel for Connective Tissue Disease but much of my keeping it under control is taking care of myself. I have learned to avoid stress and having ways to handle it, getting plenty of rest, exercising when I can and watching my diet.

    There is no cure and it could be a false positive and you may not have an autoimmune diseasebut I would continue your regular check ups with the doctor and take good care of your self. It sounds like you are on top of that and that is great.

    If you have an auto immune disease it will show it self eventually but hopefully you do not have it. I know it is scary hearing there is something abnormal in your blood work but I think many people have low titers that go on to never develop the disease.

    I am sure other will get on here also. If you do not have many symptoms and occasional fatigue can be caused by so many things I would be relieved and just follow up with your doctor if any problems arise. Also follow up for any regular follow ups you have.

    Hugs Tammy

  • Thank you for your informative and caring message. I decided yesterday, after several hours of depression, that since the docs don't know how to cure I will continue my research and live as cleanly and healthily as possible. And as you so wonderfully stated, I may not have it. Besides I love doing research. Today came news from an Israeli doc who is using a certain type of parasitic worm egg and has encountered "FABULOUS " results. I do know that my very clean living has cured my life long asthma which took me to ER several times a year -another auto-immune disease. Today at 73 no drugs for anything, thus making me a firm believer in toxin avoidance. Thank you once again. By the way, no asthma or lung involvement for 6 years!

  • I can only hope to make it to 73 and be half as healthy as you. Amazing! I have been able to lower medication with diet and handling stress better. I will continue to work on that to improve. I also have asthma but it usually only appears when I get sick from a cold or virus. I am 54 and believe you are on the path the rest of us need to follow a diet as clean as possible. I have been seeing people get healthier as their diets become less toxic.

    take care


  • One thing which really, really helped was a Himalayan salt inhaler. Salt caves are still very much in use in the Ukraine and are so popular that their use is by prescription only. Go to the COPD section of this wonderful website and you will see many references substantiating what I am saying. Hugs. Joan

  • Hi Joan, along with copd

    I suffer with insomnia and have for many years. My therapist diagnosed sleep disorder and prescribed

    Doxepin it's an old anti-depressant I take it about an hour before I begin to wind down around 1:00AM. Just a thought.

    Blessings and hugs


  • Found out what was causing bruises. Eating way too many peanuts. Should have known better! Peanuts gone, bruises gone. Saw Opthamologist yesterday for annual check up and he asked "what have you been doing"? Told him I had cut way back on meat. He said my eyes had hugely improved from last year {dry eye, inflamation and eye sight) said medical research is really into research on this and the inflammatory response. This has been discussed for many years, but not seriously researched. A very happy day. My health is definetly in step with what I eat. See prior posts. Blessings to all of you.

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  • It is all very interesting isn't it? Sometimes I wonder how we survive at all with all the modifications to our natural environment, the chemicals and food processing and now being bombarded by radio signals! Our mattresses are toxic, our clothing is toxic, our water infused with chemicals and we have a HUGE amount of stress some of which arrives via too much info. Go figure. I am trying to cure my insomnia and have made feeble attempts at TM, but so far not very good at it. You are so pro-active that you will get healthy -I just know it. Thanks for your conversation. Joan

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