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Life and serious illness cover


Has anyone managed to get life insurance and/or serious illness cover for a decent premium?

So far I only have a diagnosis of fibro but I may possibly be diagnosed with Lupus or something similar. I have had all the tests run and so far there is not enough to diagnose me so it may not happen. I want life insurance so my dependants receive a lump sum if I die but also if I was diagnosed with a serious illness, not necessarily Lupus but say if I got MS or diabetes etc somewhere down the line it would be nice to have a lump sum to help with bills and care etc. Because I have already been having tests for the last 5 years I understand it will affect my prmium but what about cover?

Any info greatly appreciated.

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I am not an expert in this area, neither am I a lawyer nor an insurance broker. You really need to speak with an insurance broker (not an agent) as the broker does not work for one particular company and will be able to give you a range of policies, whereas an agent will try to sell you a policy from one company.

As you do not have a diagnosis, I would investigate your options and you can honestly say you have not been diagnosed with anything other than fibromyalgia which is a benign condition.

I wonder, from your message, whether you are anxious about your mortality? Even if you do have a diagnosis of lupus, this is not a death sentence. Indeed, the research over the last 30 years has shown that the majority of people with lupus get married, have children and many come off all medication.

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I am not sure but I think doctors are very careful with their diagnosis for that very reason. What I heard verbally and saw on paper for years were different. I live in the US and not sure the actual difference between connective tissue disease and lupus myself but my doctor has always referenced lupus with CTD on paper. Though I do have symptoms that they tell me is not the lupus but another connective tissue disease. So for treatment is the same so that is ok with me. Always good to have your affairs in order as even in perfect health you never know. Ros is correct though this disease is not the end all though it is a game changer or has been for me. Not easy but many things in life are not easy.


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