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Bowel issues

Have started being very painfully constipated for some reason over the past couple of months. Not very regularly, just every now and again. But last night was a struggle to behold, 2 hours long and my efforts were rewarded in the main by losing some blood, when I eventually moved it was with effort and pain enough to almost make me pass out. I just sat there and cried for half an hour after the event.

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has your diet changed? Are you drinking enough water, eating enough fruit and fibre....?

Lactose is a gentle laxative, good to start with....

If you are straining to hard, you may cause Piles and bleed slightly....

I recommend you see a doctor.... You can get a good laxative over the counter....

But make sure you are drinking plenty of water....


Have you started a new medication? That can cause this problem with some meds or it might be inflammation that causes us all kinds of issues from scalp to our feet. Do let your doctor know but probably related to meds, diet, stress or SLE. I have this issue often and for years. I take a pain med that contributes to the problem.


If this has only recently started - and particularly because you found blood - you need to go to your GP as soon as possible. Your GP should be able to determine whether the blood is from straining and you may be asked to perform a fecal blood occult test.

There can be a variety of reasons for constipation but the best course of action is to see your GP. In addition, you can help yourself by drinking plenty of water, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and ensuring you have a high fibre diet.

In some patients, lupus can effect the bowel. There can be bowel inflammation and even malabsorbtion problems, but this is rare. The symptoms are Crohn-like but is not Crohn's. Your description does not sound like bowel involvement, however, I am not a medical doctor and therefore you need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Never leave these problems.

There are preparations to help such as Lactulose, as mentioned by Sempafidelis1970. This is a sweet syrup which softens the stool. You should avoid any preparation which irritates the bowel to work. There is also Movicol, which IMHO, is the best. They are sachets that contain minerals as well as Polyethylene glyol which is very effective. As they are in individual sachets, you can determine how many are needed. This does not irritate the bowel and works effectively.

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