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well an update on things. i guess i should give up

I just got my ESR back and the value was 1 and the std range is 0-20.. well i guess im fine. no swelling are anything.. in a way this is very frustrating im not going to lie!

i have not talked to the doctor this was just posted on my chart. I have not got the results for ANA, CBC and Comprehensive metabolic yet

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The ANA test is critical, so wait and see what that says. In any event, because these autoimmune things are often relapsing/remitting you just have to keep going back if you know something is wrong, and sooner or later they will find something. Good luck.


I think it is important for you to wait until all the tests are back. Although the ANA is an important tests, not all lupus patients have a positive ANA. This is because in addition to "classic" SLE ie positive ANA, malar rash and lupus nephritis, there are lupus variant conditions.

Blood tests can and do change and little can be diagnosed based on one set of blood tests. Indeed, one consultant made it clear that for some patients, they are clearly unwell - the blood tests haven't caught up with the illnness! A diagnosis of lupus cannot be made just on blood tests. Very often, the doctor has to watch and wait to see what happens with the patient. If someone has classic lupus, that's easy, but most patients do not and many women have waited a very long time for a diagnosis. However, just because you do not have a diagnosis does not mean you should not be investigated to find out what is wrong.

If you feel there is something wrong, you may need to persevere and speak with a rheumatologist to get some advice. I understand how frustrating this can feel - and you may also feel that people think you are exaggerating or "it's all in the mind".

There are many people at the LuPUS Message Board who can also report similar experiences.

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