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If my blood work I do tomorrow comes back negative should I continue to fight or just take it im crazy

i have pain in all of my joints, no sign of swelling i dont think but have alot of popping , i get a weird numb feeling in arms and feet/ legs (almost like its asleep) i have swollen lymph nodes, rash on chest cheeks and across nose. also im extremely tired. i was diagnosed with raynods a few years ago. I had blood work done a few years ago and it was negative. I am to have lab work this friday but if the last test was negative wouldnt this one? i feel like nothing is really wrong with me from the tests last time, but im so sick of the pain.

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Keep nagging the medical people and don't give up. Ask to be screened for auto immune disieses to see if the markers are there. Good luck xx


How did you get on today? Perhaps, if you wish, we can talk more about your results?

With good wishes,



I just got my ESR back and the value was 1 and the std range is 0-20.. well i guess im fine. no swelling are anything.. in a way this is very frustrating im not going to lie!


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