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Contact group for Iressa patients

As a stage 4 lung cancer patient being treated with the drug Iressa I'm feeling rather isolated because there are so few of us and we live so far apart.

I was diagnosed in November 2010 and have been on Iressa since January the following year. The changes this drug has made to my ability to enjoy life are wonderful. From a prognosis of just a few months I am now looking forward to even more opportunities in the future.

Love to swap stories on how you are coping and how the drug has affected you.

Anyone interested in person-to-person chat email:

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Hi there, It was my husband who had the lung cancer and he was treated with chemo and radiotherapy. I am coping with the loss as best as I can. I am keeping my mind occupied and doing a lot of things with my friends as I do not have any family.

My husband kept a very very positive attitude towards his cancer and I know that this kept him going. A heart attack eventually killed him but he had the added complication of diabetes. Every day that we are here is important and one must make the most of it. Nobody knows how long we have and this is what makes life tolerable. Enjoy life to the full and carry on getting better and better. Faith in yourself is paramount and you obviously have this. With all good wishes for your future health and happiness. Crantock


Hi annecarmel.

I sent a message to your gmail address a few days ago ,my computer was playing up so I don't know if you got it .Anyway I am also on Iressa I started it in July 2011and like yourself I'm still enjoying life to the full .I would be happy to swap experiences but don't want to repeat myself if you already have my original email.



My husband has stage lV adenocarcinoma of the lung,and has the receptor that means he is having Iressa. So far he's been on it for 6 months. The lung tumour has shrunk by 50% and the mets on the liver have gone. It's really encouraging hearing folk who've been on Iressa for a while. Sandra


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