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Awaiting operation tomorrow

A little afraid as I sit alone in a hospital room waiting for an operation tomorrow to have a plueral effusion. I was so brave when I arrived at the hospital earlier today for pre op tests. I now feel very alone. Having met the surgeon last week she was confident the operation would help with the pain and the persistent cough I have developed over the last few weeks. I'm sure everything will go smoothly but that thought hasn't stopped my tummy doing somersaults. I can't begin to comprehend leaving my family should things go pear shaped, we are all fighting so very hard in this horrid battle. I've grown afraid of the dark since my diagnosis, how silly is that, so am going to sleep with the light on tonight as I don't have my husbands hand to hold. x

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Hi Lulla

You'd be crazy if you weren't feeling nervous. That's when things can go pear-shaped. Your positive attitude over the past while has inspired me, and I'm sure others too. Keep it up! And keep the light on as well - why not?

Praying for a good result tomorrow, which I'm sure you'll get.

Love Bill xx


Hello Lulla, of course you will feel nervous, it's completely normal. I remember being petrified and wanting to run away. Stay positive , I'll be thinking of you and wish you the very best. Good Luck and I hope you're feeling better very soon, Love Carolyn x


Hello Lulla,

It's perfectly normal to feel nervous, especially when we are alone and have time to sit and think about things. Stay positive though! We'll be thinking of you and sending our Love and Best wishes to you so that you can start to feel better very quickly. If you want to leave the light on you do so! We have to do whatever makes us feel better.

I'll be praying for good results.

Love, Georgie x

Reply brave. I had a permanent drain inserted for my pleural troubles, had it drained in the hospital and then every 2 days at home by district nurses. It relieved my pain and made my breathing so much easier. Not pleasant but none of this is but I am sure you'll feel better once this is done. Good luck and just think of all the hands holding your hand thru this webite



Hi Lulla, Love and best wishes to you , your very positive you can get through it. xxxx


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