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Lorraine on Daybreak TODAY!

This morning I watched Lorraine on Daybreak and was really disturbed by the article, 'stopping drugs that extend the lives of cancer patients.

I am one of those 'patients' who without the drugs would have months. I have lung cancer, I have never smoked, I worked as a nurse and served with the RAF. I have raised money for charity and I have never been a drain on society. Are they saying my life is now worthless?

There are many people out there like me that live full and worthwhile lives with cancer and have done so for many years. This country throws money away at less worthy causes.

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Hi Lyn. You'd think these people would have realised by now that they're paid to save and protect lives, not dump them. I wonder if they'll consider stopping the treatment of other people with serious illnesses? That way, they could maybe lay off a great many doctors and save the NHS a bundle!! It's hard to believe that cancer 'experts' can come up with something like this.

I would imagine there is no chance in a million of such a crazy idea coming to fruition.

I think like many, you've earned the right to receive the best treatment available, to help live life to the full.

Best wishes, Bill.


Thanks Bill.

I agree they would never do it, it would cause uproar!

Best wishes to you too


Hi Lynba,

I was walking past a newspaper stand yesterday in Edinburgh and I spotted this headline story in the Daily Mail,I found it shocking,I dont want to live in a society where this type of attitude prevails.I think this is a right wing "Flying a Kite",this will appeal to a small number of MPs within a party,but they are unsure what the public's reaction will be if it were introduced as a white paper in parliament,so float it in the newspapers first,see what the publics reaction will be.This will turn out to be not a Kite but a lead balloon.

Lynba,no one should feel they have to justify being a reciprocant of life saving drugs,in any decent civilisation,it is a natural right.Finally,what type of people would harbour this desire to see it coming into force?Rich people-who resent paying taxes to poorer people who would be unable to afford these drugs.


Hi Lynba,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

This story kicked off was when the Chairman of BMA Scotland called for a debate on whether at 'a time of tightening health budgets society could afford to pay thousands of pounds to extend the lives of terminally ill people'? I suppose the real answer is that it very much depends on how much value you place on peoples lives.

The entire debate is extremely concerning and we need to show real dilligence to get our voices heard. If any good can come of this it will be in winning the debate that the Chairman of the BMA called for and standing up for the people who value life.


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