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Five years on!

Lung cancer anniversaries can be bitter sweet but they get sweeter with time. I'm celebrating five years NED this month - was diagnosed as stage IV in May 2010. I know I'm not the norm but for every one of us that matches the statistics there are a few of us who buck the trend so please, to all reading, remember this on those days you need a boost. I never thought I'd make it this far but here I am - where there is life, there is hope xx

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Great to hear that.


Lovely to hear from you and thanks for posting. Congratulations on five years and I hope there are many many more ahead for you.

It is great to remind people that statistics shouldn't be your expection - I have a postcard reminder at home that simply states 'Be the exception' and hopefully, like you, I will be just that!

Best wishes

Janey x


Well done. You certainly are a great positive example for all us Stage 4s.

I'm just starting my 2nd year and am at present in our local hospice being wonderfully cared for by such kind, supporting and funny staff. What a lovely place to be. I have just my breakfast -it came on a pretty tray - a boiled egg with a happy face egg cosy and toast 'soldiers' What a nice touch! It certainly made me laugh.

I'm sure many people think of a hospice as the ' last port of call' but I am here to try to get me stabilised again so I can get back home again. Knowing that there is a place such as this is tremendously reassuring.


The day and date you are told you have cancer is one you never forget and my future looked very grim. I am now ticking the years off. Two and a half so far. I never gave up hope and always think possitive of the future. Great to hear your news. Will look for you on this site next year.

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thanks for sharing MummyS. As you say a bittersweet party.

Wishing you continuing good health and a good year ahead.

best wishes to all


@Roy Castle


That's fantastic news ,and does indeed fill me with hope for my future and the future of others .Lovely made my day ,I have just ventured to the gym for the first time since surgery and chemo in March this year ,hopefully starting to pick up the pieces and start the new me trail .It didn't go too bad so maybe I will be ok after all and will be able to put dark thoughts behind me where they belong . Great news no more doctors checks now .I will bet your over the moon.

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Great uplifting news to read ! onwards and upwards x


Reading this has given me so much hope thank you for sharing your great news


Thanks for your inspiring post.


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