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Christmas shopping!

No longer going to work has left me with time on my hands, too much time really. I go out for lunch and coffee with friends but still plenty of time for getting into mischief on the internet!

I decided a couple of weeks ago to start my christmas shopping, "I'll buy something everyweek" I said to myself, "then by December, It will be all done!" I made a list on an excell spreadsheet complete with gift ideas, where to shop and a 'tick' box for when it was done. Well I think I got a little bit carried away and one week later I've nearly finnished! Just paul's pressents to get!

I am usually well organised but this year I feel that I need to be more so. I have my next scan in November and if its good (fingers crossed) we hope to be away for the first 2 weeks of December celebrating our 10 wedding anniversay in style!

In the meantime, I can rest assured knowing that I only have the wrapping to do! Just waiting for the shops to start selling christmas wrapping paper!!!

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Hi Lyn. Good stuff! I like giving gifts at Christmas but must admit, I have to rely on Gwen (my wife) to go hunting for them. I'd be guaranteed to get the wrong thing. Good excuse. :) I do the card-buying from my favourite charities - RCLCF being one of them. I'm sure your scan will go well, then you can have a good break. Take care, Bill


hi lyn, wish I could be that organised. I love giving presents but really do not like shopping. I make the same mistake every year, Ipromise myself that I will start early and always find myself running about the shops on the last minute like a wild animal : ) Keep well loopyloo x


Loopyloo, I've done most of it on line! lol much easier x


Hi Lyn

Well done on the shopping...I am starting to almost panic as I haven't thought about Christmas until I read the blogs earlier and the Roy Castle Christmas arrived here in the office! Every year as much I love Christmas I always say I want a stress fress time, some hope as it is always a last minute rush. I will be thinking of you in November, you are such a positive lady and very energetic that I feel sure it will be a good outcome. Bye for now and take care,Joanna.


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