Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch

I know this has nothing to do with lung cancer but I want to share this with some of the people on here that have shared my journey.

My son finally had his moment to shine on Friday in a cold, wet & windy Fleetwood but he didn't let the weather dampen his spirit. Think that beaming smile could have kept his torch alight. I have never felt as proud as I did on that day. I managed to run most of the way with him before my friend had to support me : ) I was bursting with pride, I didn't even let the media mentioning or should I say exaggerating that I had had lung cancer spoil the moment. I held back the tears until I arrived home that is and read a comment that an onlooker had said to a reporter, she said we have been stood out in the rain for over an hour but it was all worthwhile to see the smile on that lad Leon Gledhill's face. (not word for word). That was it I was an emotional wreck, still have goosebumps today. xx

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  • Hi Loopyloo

    That's excellent! Pity about the weather but I'm sure you and your son are proud as punch, and will remember the day forever.

    Love Bill xx

  • Can't describe how proud I am Bill and think the weather has made it even more memorable. My shoes were still wet on Sunday : )

  • Hi Loopyloo

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us. What a wonderful achievement.

    I am new to this caring, informative site and have not 'blogged' before. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer recently, is a non smoker, had no sysmptoms and is awaiting the result of the test for Gefitinib (fingers crossed that it is positive). We have been told that it is non-curable as it has travelled to his bones , liver and one adrenal gland. His hip had been so badly destroyed that he had to have 2 'Pins' put in as if he broken it he would never have walked again.

    Sorry if I have put this in the wrong place.

    Have a good day everyone. x

  • Hi Sandra, First off so sorry about your husband, it must be a very stressful time for both of you. This site has been a fantastic support to me and the people on here are a lovely bunch. At first I joined and just read other blogs but then I started one myself. I think talking to others who have had experience is the greatest support. If you have questions people will do their best to answer them but are also honest if they can't and I trust the information from this page.

    Take Care and keep blogging xxx

  • Hi Loopyloo,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful occassion with us,you mentioned here some weeks ago your son would be carrying the olympic torch through Fleetwood.I am so pleased for you and your son.I also read about, for personal reasons you did not want the press to know about you being a lung cancer survivor,I respect your position,however I would love you to "come out" in the future and be an advocate for lung cancer and fight for improvements in funding for research,public awareness and education,too many of our past survivors have passed away ,whose voices can no longer be heard,I think its up to us,to make things better for survivors today and those who will be diagnosed in the future.God Bless.

  • Hi Eric, In some ways it has been a weight off my shoulders as I no longer have to be on guard or worry about slipping up.

    Would love to be more involved with RCLF, its just a matter of taking that first step. My son and a couple of his friends are doing the swim a mile in July maybe that would be a good place to start. If you are ever in or around Manchester campaigning let me know and I will come along to help : )

  • Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to healthunblocked,sorry to hear about your husbands prognosis,the bit about being non-curable that is,I was told nearly 4 years ago by my GP that I should'nt return to work following my treatments,but instead to take some quality time out with my wife,since I only had 2 years left max.Well I suppose I stayed around just to spite him LOL.I do have a friend,whose story you can read about here,his name is Robert Lowe,who was given only two months to live following a dx of SCLC in 1993,he completely ignored his doctors and carried on living,in 2007 he was then dxd with NSCLC,had some treatments,is still here today,at 72 years old,living life to the full,with more of a lust for life than persons half his age.Needless to say,I want to follow Roberts example.

    I do wish every success for your husbands response to his treatment plan,there are so many wonderful members in the medical profession who will fight every inch for your husband.Take one day at a time,as they say,simple advice but none the less true.Best Wishes.

  • Thank you Eric, so sorry for the delay in my reply but have only just read this. Hearing about your experience certainly lifts the heart. We were hoping that he would prove positive for Gefitinib but have learnt today that he hasn't. The next step in chemo for 4-6, 3 weekly sessions, together with bisphosphonate infusions. But what's in store after that ?

    Best wishes.

  • Hi Loopyloo,

    Since I became a advocate for the RCLF,nearly three years ago my life has just changed completely,lung cancer may have rained on my parade,but with it sure came with a great big silver lining.I have had such fun attending lung cancer support group meetings,attending conferences as a delegate,and on occassions being able to be a speaker too,it has been my pleasure to meet so many wonderful people,survivors,carers,fundraisers,many professional politicians,other professionals in the medical field also in the media.I toured the USA last year for seven weeks,raising awareness for lung cancer and returned this year for a Hope Summit,which was attended by LC survivors from all over the USA and Canada,I was also a guest speaker at this event.Gosh there has been so many other things/events I could mention,my life has being going on it seems at breakneck speed,love to sit down one day and complile all this into a book.

    Best wishes for your sons swim event in July,I was at Manchester earlier in the year attending a RCLF conference,which was thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile,I think everyone who attended made a excellent contribution in fighting back against lung cancer on many different levels.So come on in,the waters lovely,we need all the support we can get.

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