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hi everyone, all went well on Friday with the biopsy, just feeling extremely tired and at the moment not sleeping too well due to backache (the woes of getting old, the mind is still 16 but my bones need oiling : ).

I should get the results next week, think this is the worst time, waiting. I think in this situation we all try to remain & think positive but there is always a little doubt knocking on one of those doors at the back of your mind.

Hope all of you are keeping well.

P.S. If you have not read Roy Castles Inspire Mag, do so Its as the title says quite inspiring : )

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Keeping everything crossd for you xxx


Good to hear it went well on Friday although the waiting must be difficult. Thank you for the comments about Inspire, so pleased you enjoyed it. Keep positive! Take care,

Joanna x


thank you for your support x


Another thing over, another wait which is always stressful. I'm sure your little man keeps you occupied, so focus on him and receiving good results!! Will be sending positive vibes.



thanks Alli, hows your mum doing?x


Hi Loopyloo! Things are very tough at the mo, it is Piper's 3rd birthday today and I took her into the family room at the hospital so my Mum could see her and Siena. My mum is on oxygen pretty much the whole time as she has trouble with her breathing and has to be in a wheelchair, it was heartbreaking seeing her so frail when I know all she wants to do is scoop the girls up and play with them. Siena doesn't really recognise her as she hasn't seen her for a couple of weeks, it is the worst thing ever and I'm really struggling.

Sorry to be so emotional, it's been a tough day! We have also postponed Piper's party till this weekend as we thought Mum may be out of hospital, but she's taking another turn for the worse. She only had a routine x-ray 5 months ago, I'm still unable to come to terms with what's happening and the speed of it. I really want to believe that this is the way it is in the early treatment but she will get a break soon and be able to live life again, but it's difficult to stay positive.

How are you? Any news?


Alli xx


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