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Red itchy skin

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Hi has anyone suffered from red itchy skin after chemo and immunotherapy it drive me mad xxxx

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Hi Red, I did have a little itchy skin, mainly on chest area. E45 or Antihistamines, hope you get some relief. Xxxx

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Rusty821 in reply to Loimie

Hi loimie how are you xx

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Loimie in reply to Rusty821

Hello Rusty, nice to hear from you, hope ok. I'm not bad, ups and down days don't we. Try to come to terms with it but difficult some days, your probably the same. Love and best wishes. Pam xxx

Hi I suffered really badly from skin rash after immunotherapy and was put on high dose of steroids that seemed to do the trick and the rash has never come back and I am on cycle 23 of treatment.

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Red58 in reply to 46greggo

Thank you x

It's a common reaction and often oncologists say is a sign that the immune system is mounting a response which probably doesn't help but might reassure... Jennifer Young skincare does an itchy skin spray on sale at Roy Castle lung cancer foundation online shop and CRUK shop - might be worth a try? hope you get some relief soon.

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Red58 in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you janette your reply reassure me x

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