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Can you get life insurance with advanced lung cancer?

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My partner who is 42 years old has recently been diagnosed with stage 3/4 lung cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes.

We don’t own our house and she doesn’t have life insurance, are there any companies out there who offer life insurance to someone who has an advanced lung cancer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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HelloI'm sorry I don't have any experience of this but Macmillan has lots and lots of financial advice and a support number you can call. I think they'd be a really good source of up to date info for you.

Hope you're able to get what you need.

Best, Sarah x

Hi Like you I am going through this from the sidelines as it is my wife that has stage 4 nscs, from what I have understood so far, the chances of getting life insurance post diagnosis are small, however you need to look around the edges, if your partner has a work pension or possibly through her bank account she may have some coverage, remember re the three pension it might be in place still from jobs in the past, as Sarah said talk to Macmillan they are amazing nog only for this but so much more. Take care and stay strong, this is a long road, David Xxx

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