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Please be aware

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Sorry if this post is upsetting to anyone, but we want to make as many people aware who have morphine and other drugs in the house.

As my previous post mentioned, my beautiful mum passed away peacefully at home last Sunday. She had lung cancer which was terminal and whilst she suffered with breathing and the effects of progression, the end came quickly and we were able to live a relatively normal home life right until the end.

Whilst my focus should be all about my mum, unfortunately someone decided to come and steal her morphine injectables as after she passed. I cannot give specific details and the crime is now with the police. However, some hours after mum had died, we were phoned by someone from the ‘nurses office’ saying they had to collect all the drugs. They arrived within minutes and took the drugs. After the nurse/hospice manager reviewed there is no record or reason, so police will investigate.

We believe this is organised crime, carefully planned to steal from families at their most vulnerable.

Please do not give morphine drugs, or anything to a health professional unless they give you a valid reasons and ID. We were told by the paramedic to simply take the drugs to the chemist for disposal. It's a well planned crime, as we only questioned it due to the apparent insensitivity of how quickly and late they came, Sunday at 8:20pm!!

Morphine injections are very expensive and sold on black market, it's also a class A drug. I never knew this!

Please be aware and I'm sorry if this is shocking for anyone, but we really don't want anyone else to go through this added torment.

With best wishes


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LewLew19, I'm so sorry for your loss. May your Mom rest in peace and be Cancer Free now.I remember when my wife passed in 2019, The district Nurse refused to take any surplus Morphine and I took it to the Pharmacy, I also obtained a receipt for it.

I hope that the matter is resolved soon and you can start to grieve for your Mom.

God Bless you all

Thanks for your kind words x

I am really sorry that, on top of your grief, you have been the subject of such an awful crime when you are at your most vulnerable. Thank you for alerting others to this. It is appalling that there are people who will stoop to such actions. As said in my previous post, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending my sincere condolences and hope that your lovely memories of your Mum and the knowledge you are in others’ thoughts bring comfort at this very difficult time. With much love and hope you find peace xx💕🌸

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LewLew19 in reply to Manninmaid

Thanks for your kind words.

Some people are just awful, I’ve even heard of families announcing funerals in the paper, only for that information to be used by burglars who know the house is empty during the service. It really does beggar belief!

But, importantly we won’t let this spoil our time remembering mum. She is at peace now and we’re thankful the end came quickly and her suffering wasn’t prolonged.

All the best xx

So sorry for your loss but thanks for warning others - how callous - I've heard of people being burgled whilst at funerals by those who read funeral notices in the press/online but this is really something else and using healthcare workers' cover fraudulently..... hope the police can catch them... thinking of you at this sad time.

That’s truly awful! Someone must be in on it and giving inside information or how would they know your dear mom had passed or your moms name and address!It’s shocking, thank you for the warning xxx

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Dear LewLew19Thank you for letting us know on the forum and this is awful that this has happened. It is good the police are involved and are attending to this.

Take care of yourself and thank you for taking the time during your grief.

Kindest regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

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