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Live chat *Now closed*


Welcome, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Community, to our 'Ask the Nurse' live chat. We are here to listen to your experiences and answer YOUR questions.

For the next hour, please feel free to share your experiences or ask our nurse any questions about lung cancer treatments, symptoms, side effects and coronavirus. This is open to people living with lung cancer, family members, carers and those worried about symptoms.

Please type below. Anyone wanting to speak privately in confidence should either PM us or contact us on our helpline 0800 358 7200.

Don't forget to keep refreshing the page to see the latest questions and responses.

We are here for you - throughout the pandemic and beyond - so keep the questions coming and we'll do our best to answer them for you and help reduce any anxiety you might be feeling in these worrying times.

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Live chat now closed, The next session will be on Tuesday 2nd of March at 11-12pm

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