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Has anyone's 1st chemo been unsuccessful and has anyone found a lump during chemo?

My mum was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in November. She has a tumour in her right lung, deposits in her left, chest and pelvic bone. She started chemo in Jan, 3 weeks apart for 4 sessions, but after the 1st, found a lump on her side. She was told this may be taken care of with chemo but after her 2nd session and at her pre-assessment they advised they were concerned about the lump and gave her an x-ray. The original tumour has not shrunk and she has been incredibly ill with the chemo so they have stopped it and are scanning her Monday to find out more about the new lump. She gets the results on Weds. We are all terrified and it's like going backwards a couple of months but with the additional fear that one treatment has already been unsuccessful. Is this quite common? We know it's incurable, but 2 months before she was diagnosed we were on holiday together and she was chasing my 2 year old down the hotel corridor. This has devastated our family and I would like some hope. My mum needs to hear positive stories and similar experiences and I need to know there are options..............

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Hi Alli, have you spoken to your local lung cancer nurse yet? They should be able to give you some advice. If you call our helpline on 0800 358 7200, they will be able to give you contact details. Hope this helps.


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