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husband starting on docetaxel on monday have read it can cause breathlesness ,worried has he already struggling for breath on very little exertion , i know every one is different but wanted peoples views and how they found it .they are mixing it with another drug but cant remember its name thanks for reading .

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Hi Sue2428,

You should mention to the nurse on Monday if your husband feels breathless.His blood will be checked before treatment and regularly during and after treatment,to see if haemaglobin(cells that carry oxygen),white cells(cells that fight infection)and platelets(cells that clot the blood) are normal.You can get information about chemotherapy from the Roy Castle website

Available : roycastle.org/system/file_u...

Hope all goes well with the chemotherapy and hopefully minimal side effects.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.


I was on docetaxel for 4 cycles and also a tablet called Nintedanib I don't particularly remember having any more trouble breathing than I did normally.

I lost my hair but I had planned for that and actually shaved it off when it started coming out in handfuls. I was in control not the drug. After 4 days I used to get muscle and joint ache for about 4/5 days, I just topped up with paracetamol. It wasn't a huge problem. I can't remember having any other issues. As Roy Castle said just have the phone number to hand to ring if he has a problem.


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thanks janet for your reply onward and upwards .

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Hello... As with JeanneLe, that is quite accurate... I had the same... But as with all else, everyone's system is different, therefore no positive offering can be made. .. My Docetaxel was accompanied by Carboplaxin and Paclitaxol-and everything was checked and monitored before the medications were administered... The after effects/ side effects were moderate, but I was also being given Radiation simultaneously...


Hi Sue my dad was treated with docetaxel and he didn't lose hair on head till the last two treatment s. He was very pale during treatment and tired but still worked. What ended up happening was severe edema in the later treatment s so he had to stop. Though my bio hasn't been updated I believe it's laid out.so hope this helps. The first treatments I talked to many men who did excellent some did 12. My dad was not healthy to begin with so it's difficult for all, and he's treated for APC. Keep the faith. His disease some shrunk the rest stopped growing. Never give up. Huge hugs,



thanks for your feedback husband in hospital at the momment with sepsis ,trying to stay upbeat and put a smile on my face but has my husband never talks about this dreaded disease i find it hard ,if i ask him if he is o.k he always says yes when i know he isent, was refusing to go to the hospital ,fortunatley i went ahead and just phoned a ambulance lucky i did blue light all the way feel like i am living in a nightmare but cant begin to think how it must be for my husband eh oh onwards and upwards hugs to you


Hugs to you as well . My dad always says he's ok to. I've learned you have to follow the lead of the patient and so often talk about anything but because it's so tiring to go through to begin with. I love that your husband is smiling. Its why he'll do well against this disease and I'm happy he's in safe hands recovering from sepsis. Update me when you can. Until then it's hard to even live the advice I have but do something special for yourself. Your life consumed by this disease . Your brain needs a break so you are string enough to help when you are needed. Hugs hugs hugs


hi there just a quick update my husband now back home after his spell in hospital with sepsis,and seems to be o.k although appetite very deminished ,hair coming out but i have told him i quite like the yule brynner look very sexy, we just try and keep things light we know it will grow back again ,next treatment on tuesday all being well hope all is well with you will keep you updated and thanks for your advice, our son is with us at the momment flys back to austria to-morrow we will miss him , but its good that he has had time with his dad although my husband couldent do the things he had planned to do with him, next time round maybe big hugs to you and yours


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