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About taking iressa for lung cancer

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Hi everyone I thought you would like to hear some good results from taking iressa I have been taking it for four years now after having chemo my condition has stayed the same so I hope some of you have had good results to from Lennykit

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Congratulations that’s great news. I love hearing positive stories they are the ones that I try to remember and that motivate me too. Have a lovely Christmas x

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Lennykit in reply to Bow-19

you have a lovely one to xx

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Bow-19 in reply to Lennykit

I am ALK positive and have been on medication for 4 years too x 😀

This is really great news,thank you for sharing your progress with all of us Lennykit, long may it continue.

With very best wishes,

from all the team at Roy Castle Helpline.

That is really good news, my mum has just been taking it for 3 weeks and we don't know what to expect, but what I can say, 3 weeks ago she was more or less bed bound, and breathless, now she able to move about the house and do the stairs (but slowly) to us it is a miracle pill. Positive thoughts coming your way it's good to hear a good news story x

Fabulous news - as others have said, always good to hear good news and especially at this time of year. here's to you and others having many more years' success with it. best wishes

That's great news x My husband has been on Afatanib for a year now and it's a miracle drug. It's not been an easy ride as the side effects have not been good but he's doing well and the tumour has shrunk a little and no further spread in his body. Just thankful we have him again for this Christmas making more memories to cherish.

Hi, yes I am taking iressa, and been taking it for 5 yrs now and still going strong, so thankful for cancer research for all the work they are doing to find these, target therapy drugs to help people have a longer life to enjoy time with there loved ones, 😄 happy Xmas be possative and stay strong.x

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Neil-SueD in reply to Genie123

I'm liking these posts where folk have been on Iressa (Gefitinib) for years. I'm enjoying my second Christmas on the stuff and frequently wonder with a heavy heart how long this might last. However, at this precise time, I'm enjoying a bottle of beer whilst my missus sorts out dinner in the kitchen with the last of the turkey and is listening to the Monkees (yes, we're of a certain age!). The sun is shining on the remains of the snow and I'm inside and actually warm (Gefitinib makes me feel so cold much of the time) and do you know what ... I feel as happy as Larry!

I don't wish to live each day like it's my last. Who needs that pressure? Another day just blessed with "normal" is so wonderful. We even booked a short holiday in June yesterday and you folk who are still going have given us the resolve to feel a little bit positive, so thank you.

And now my missus has just brought me today's Gefitinib tablet and a glass of water and yo'll be thinking "is this so-and-so waited on hand and foot?"

All the best,


That’s really good news - been on it for 4 months now and am awaiting results of my first scan.

That's a good news to hear.. 😊

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