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Candida fungus & Cancer

Well is tad of strange question following my dad’s dx of lung cancer.

As soon as my dad recived dx he developed Candida fungus infection.

My question is as anybody else developed Candida infection on or after cancer dx.

Been doing some reading AND they say health professionals should use due dilagance as Candida is a cancer catalyst.

Given I have looked at my dad’s blood under my microscope 🔬 it’s clear to see it’s not like mine and this funky stuff going on.

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I have had episodes of Candida infection post initial chemo and lung surgery ,at first I used usual conventional treatment ,but to be honest a daily spoonful of natural live yoghurt controls it better and doesn't taste quite so foul as nystatin .I did go on to get brain Mets post upper right lobe surgery 2yrs later ,so maybe there is something in your Candida theory ,I have not read of that link before so who knows .Diane.


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