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Living with small cell lung cancer

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My husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in June 2016. After ten years of battling with this cruel disease my husbands diagnosis hit us like a sledge hammer but after chemo we pledged to make our remaining time together memorable and that's exactly what we have done. We have carried out all but one of his wish list eg renewing our wedding vows, Edinburgh tattoo, going up Snowdon to name a few. Unfortunately five weeks we were carrying on our lives as normal as possible when my husband was struck down with this awful pain in his shoulder, after twelve hours we have been left devastated, he is paralysed down his right side due to the cancer spreading to his spinal cord and brain. Words cannot explain how we are feeling right now - we are currently in the hospice being looked after twenty four seven by the most amazing team of nurses and doctors. They are like angels. Our aim is to aim my husband home for his remaining days. Life without him doesn't seem possible but I will do my best. He is my best friend, my soul mate. Sorry to be so morbid but life is so cruel at times.

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I really feel for you...heartbreaking. We are in a similar position , we thought he had beaten the lung cancer when he had surgery 5 1/2 years ago ...then he had chemo for leukaemia..and now the lung cancer has returned ...we know its incurable. I think we need a "wish list " too in order to have some positive things to remember. Like you , my husband is my without him is unimaginable. Sending you love and very best wishes'

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Jacs55 in reply to alice111

I have just lost my husband to small cell it's such an evil disease. I was lucky to have my hubby with me when his mortal body left me. This pass week has been a blur. It's not easy but if like me you have an amazing support network around they will help. I miss my hubby with every fibre in me. But I try and ground myself by thinking of he is in no more no struggling and the demoralising feeling of people helping him. It sounds like you have some amazing memories they do help.

My heart goes out to you and I wish you find as much comfort you can knowing that you both loved each other. My hubby was 51 No age.

Jackie x

So sad; i guess just make sure he is as comfortable as can be, and be by his side; hugs xx

So sorry x

So sorry x

Sorry to read your latest news - this must be devastating for you both. Good that you've managed to do so many things and create so many memories since his initial diagnosis that in time, you'll be able to look back on. Thinking of you both as you tackle this next stage with the hospice….take care

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Dear Elaine141

So sorry to hear about your Husbands illness and inspiring on how you have both achieved positive things within the time given. It is such a hard road for you both and hope you have some comfort in the great care that he is being given in the hospice and they will be a great support for you.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Thinking of you both

The Roy Castle Support Team

So very sorry for you both i lost my lifr long partner in march to sclc he was only diagnosed 6months previous he had shouldet pain and a trpped nerve. In his spine previous to diagnosis. Which was. Probably all related. To this horrid dreadfull. Illness he was so fit before this got a hold and evrything wad taken from him mind, body, & soul it was so tramatic for us both i nursrd him at home untill his passing with help from hosspice at home who were brill. I miss him every minute of everyday but i no he his free from pain and suffering. Hope all goes well for you both. Xx

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