After bronchoscopy I've got extra symptoms

I'm still new to this so apologies if this sort of question is beyond the scope of the forum. I'm wondering if I should wait until Monday or seek urgent help. I'd call the help line but I'm also unable to speak (though running reasonably well).

I just had a bronchoscopy yesterday to differentiate my aggressive stage 4 lung cancer which seems to have serious involvement above and below the diaphragm. In the last few hours my popliteal lymph node (near my knee) has become swollen and sore. A mild pain in my foot and knee with a kind of cold foot. It isn't terribly sore but it reminds me of the early phase of the now excruciating pain in my shoulder and arm. Anyone else had this?

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  • So sorry can't help but wanted to send you a hug and just check you ok. 🤗

  • Thanks. Not too bad considering I went from fully fit to seriously so quick everything seems quiet. Even the new symptoms have abated. Perhaps my new diet is helping. Mainly ketogenic but with further reductions in sugar and no carbs I'm getting visitors by the dozen because people think I might pop off without a proper goodbye. I'm quite confident of making some kind of recovery and seeing in the new year. How are you?

  • Hi ghost, what was your stomach symptoms before diagnosis. Maybe there is something else going on.

  • I think the stomach symptoms may have saved me some time. The chest x-ray sprang from that and that the doctor thought there was a nasty tone to my dysphagic cough. As far as I was concerned it was a gastric problem. Even after the x-ray I couldn't accept my lungs were sick because there were no signs in my breathing.

  • That's great, brilliant attitude and I'm pleased your having lots of visitors.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Hi Ghost-by-the coast,

    Regarding your knee pain and cold foot,if you haven't already done so I would get your GP to have a look at it.Also I hope you have spoken to him/her about the excruciating pain in your shoulder and arm.Hopefully this can be reduced by some medication.

    Kind regards,

    All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

  • Hiya Helpline.

    Thanks for your concern though it was my choice to endure some pain to maximise mentation. As it happens I saw my GP today. I'm now on oral morphine which I took b4 I saw it was 10% alcohol. I've been sober since the last millennium so I'm a tad concerned (although it's way down my list) about cravings. I've actually improved in activity and body weight since switching to a ketone diet and the leg and other secondary symptoms were much improved. I think I may have made things worse by thinking I was hypoglycaemic and drinking a sweet cocoa. I'll stick to lamb chops and belly pork from now on.

  • The leg issue went away btw but I made a point of communicating it.

  • My oncologists has told me to deny myself nothing! Also saying he's sure I've got lung cancer but an adrenal biopsy near my good lung is needed due to a shortage of cancer cells in my other lung. He seems keen to start chemo asap so sure is he. The nurse is of the same mind. I certainly get the impression that it'll be chemo or nix. Meanwhile there's no access to services without a differential diagnosis. I certainly won't have my brain prophylactically irradiated without knowing the situation..

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