I've had the stereotactic surgery!

Hi Hoggy here

I have had the targeted stereotactic surgery for the 2 tumours on my brain. I had no pain and found it interesting going in and out the Linac machine like being at a fair ride. I had my mask on and although it took an hour keeping still, I didn't find it daunting. Loud Tamla Motown was played in the room not on headphones so it was hard not to keep dancing whilst I was on the machine. Home afterwards and because I was still on a large dose of stereoids for a day before, during and after the treatment, I had been buzzing around as usual and not much sleep...... BUT a week later after the initial fatigue (possibly from the steroids and not the treatment), I feel stronger and more positive. After a week later I feel back to my own self. We will not know if the tumour was killed until 3 months time when have another MRI. If anyone is offered this treatment to target small tumours in the brain - go for it.

Best wishes


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  • Hoggy

    Thanks for sharing this, I love your description of this strange fair ground ride..

    Hope you continue to feel the benefit. We will share your experience with anyone enquiring on the helpline, if you don't mind? It can be helpful for people who are on the brink of treatment hearing the experiences of someone else who has been there.

    Would you be willing for us to include your experience in any future updates of our information booklets?

    Meanwhile hope all goes well with your recover and fingers crossed for your MRI in a while,

    best wishes


    on behalf of Information & Support @Roy Castle

  • Hi Hoggy, glad to hear that you've had your stereo treatment. Sounds really sci-fi stuff except for the Tamla Motown. Hope all goes well.

    Cheers Rab

  • Hi Hoggy,

    The treatments available now are advancing so quickly it is hard to keep up.It is good that the fatigue has gone and you are feeling better.Thanks for the information I really hope your results are worth waiting for,best wishes.


  • Hi Stewart

    Thank you for your best wishes re: stereotactic. I am hoping the MRI in September is a good result. for me.

    I was interested in your lung cancer surgery minus the chemo. I had my op first and then I had a rotten lot of chemo that did not agree with me. Then there was a gap and the following year I had another different lot of chemo.

    At the end of 2014 I was told I was clear of lung cancer but, I had a pressure starting in my neck/head that I didn't know what it was. A visit a couple of times to the GP then a brain scan and it was discovered I had a tumour about 2 cms in my brain (which was causing the feeling I had of the pressure). Apparently it had come originally from the lung cancer I am told! To be honest the op I had on my brain and just recently the stereo treatment, was a doddle if you like compared to the lung surgery as I hated the chest drains and more importantly the effects I had suffered from the chemo which was worse than the op itself!

    I think you are brave not having had the chemo and I wish I hadn't had it. After all it is putting in a poison which is bound to upset the good things inside which it did to me. I'm sure it must help others who have it. It would be interesting to know the stats on that?

    There is more my to my story but I will let you look at this.

    Keep in contact and tell me how you going.

    with best wishes


  • Hi Hoggy,

    Thanks for the reply, you are very kind.

    I am sorry your chemo did agree with you,and you have had a secondary tumour.At least the stereo treatment is bearable.

    My operation was 2 years ago now,at my first appointment afterwords chemo was discussed .My lung had been examined in the pathology lab,and I was told I could have chemo ,but there was not a big difference in my prognosis either way.Bravery did not come into it,compared to most people on this site I have had it easy so far.My next check up is next month.

    If I was diagnosed with an other cancer and was told chemo was the best treatment I would take it.

    I really hope you get good news in September and your recovery goes well.Best wishes.


  • Hi Stwart

    How are you?

    What is the latest news from you?

    Best wishes


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