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ALK Positive on alectinib intro....

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Hi, I have stage 4 lung cancer with an ALK rearrangement. I’ve been on alectinib since Nov 17. Currently responding to treatment - long may it continue. I’m only 49 and have never been ill before. Just ran a 10K for charity yesterday. Hoping to go faster next time!

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Hi Amanda,

It seems Alectinib has worked well for you. My wife - stage 4 with brain mets - has been taking it for three weeks now. She’s early 50’s and also has a very healthy lifestyle. She seems very tolerant of Alectinib so far apart from fatigue and appetite increase. Well done on your 10k!

Hello Amanda1912,

well done and what a great achivement runnning a 10k, it is good to hear that you are responding so well to the Alectinib.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline

Hi Amanda, I was diagnosed last year at 30. I’m also on alectinib which has so far been brilliant! Good to hear you’re also enjoying running regardless of a lung cancer diagnosis :-). X

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Amanda1912 in reply to Vickyv30

Vicky, it’s more shuffling at the mo but I now have a personal trainer who’s hopefully going to get my legs working a bit better! I have another 10K in July..... 💪🏃‍♀️

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Vickyv30 in reply to Amanda1912

Ahh brilliant, completing a run is a big deal whatever the pace. Im actually a personal trainer so that’s a great idea! Good luck with your next 10km :-) X

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