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Excess mucus

Hi, my girlfriend has recently been told she has lung cancer following a chest x-ray and ct scan. She has had a ct guided biopsy to take samples and awaiting an appointment with consultant for the results. One of the worst symptoms she has at the moment is continual build up of clear mucus which she then sicks up every other day or so. This is making her pipe very sore and she is barely able to eat any food. All she is mainly having is complan once or twice a day, and some yoghurt and shakes. She gets so breathless and is barely able to manage going up a couple of steps, she is so weak and needs to rest most of the day. I wonder if this mucus is produced by the tumour? Has anyone else experienced this continual production of excess mucus, and subsequently inability to eat anything? Many thanks.

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Hi Tonyp62

I am sorry to hear about your girlfriends diagnosis. Some types of lung cancer may produce excessive amounts of mucus. You should ask your girlfriends GP about any medications which might be effective in managing this.Also, it might be a good idea to ask the GP to refer your girlfriend to a dietitian to assess her in order that the most appropriate food supplements are provided to her.Once she has her appointment with the consultant,the lung cancer nurse specialist will be available for support and will give advice on any symptoms she may have.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

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