My Mam diagnosed with lung cancer with COPD

Im writing on here as feel a bit hopeless currently im crying my eyes out without my mam knowing. Im so worried about her recent diagnosis as my mam has COPD. She goes to the gym 3 x times weekly , she is very fit and is a x smoker of 30yrs.

This has been going on since Jan when she had a xray which showed a mass on her left lung...this followed by a ct scan , pet scan , ebus. They said she had 1 x lymph node as well as the mass on her left lung and 1 on her right which they think is infection. What treatment would be offered with someone without COPD as they said my mam s breathing test was poor. This is my mam who sings in a choir, attends the gym, and walks for miles. They say they can do radiotherapy once they have shrank the lymph tumor. Has anyone else thia experience. There doesnt seem to be much info on lubg cancer & COPD

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  • Dear Hope 1972,

    I am so sorry to hear about your mums diagnosis and realize that this must be a very stressful time for you.Treatment depends on the type of lung cancer, where it is, it's size, whether it has spread, and your mums general health. A team of doctors and other multidisciplinary professionals will discuss the best treatment for your mum. Some information is available@

    Some information on COPD and lung cancer is available @

    Although an American publication it is informative.

    You should accompany your mum to her clinic visits.The oncologist managing her care will give you details of how her care will be managed.You will also be introduced to a lung cancer nurse specialist who will be a good source of support and will be able to answer any specific questions relating to her individual care and any issues you have.Feel free to contact our Nurse-led helpline 0800 358 7200

    Kind regards,

    All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

  • Thankyou

  • Since i posted this my dad has found oyt today he has cancer of the gullet too. Someone doesnt like our family. Dad just been for a scan and the Dr told him its not good news as it looks like a tumour .."good luck he said ..... cheers bye as dad shook his hand, while mother has a panick attack and i tell them there both attention seekers trying to keep things under control.

  • Dear Hope,

    Again, so sorry to hear about you dads diagnosis.No doubt you will accompany him to his hospital visit and ask the consultant what the management plan for him is.There are many support services in the community and you should be provided with the details of the relevant nurse who will provide you with specialist support. Again,please don't hesitate to call our NURSE-LED-HELPLINE 0800 358 7200 if you need any advice.

    Kind regards,

    All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

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