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Hi all, I'm 38 and quit smoking 4 years ago... whilst never a heavy smoker (average 30 to 40 a week) my dad smoked all of my life. About 10 years ago I had pneumonia so really cut down and was lucky enough to make a full recovery. 5 years ago I had most of my left kidney removed due to an unknown birth defect. In April this year we moved house and where let down last minute by the removal company so my 18 year old son and I with a little help from my Poorly backed husband,moved house. My husband is a bobby and was assaulted at work and is left with life long spinal problems. Anyway, shortly after that my chest pain started, after an infuriating visit to the GP 3 weeks later I got the diagnosis of costochrondritis that has never left just seemed to migrate across and now is worse than ever. I revisited a differed gp who ran bloods (I'm vitamin D deficant) and ordered an X-ray... this showed shadows on my lung so on Monday I'm having a ct scan.... can anybody relate? Can anyone tell me if they are all linked? At first I thought my little left kidney wasn't absorbing vit D but now I'm so confused and very scared.... any thoughts just to talk through gratefully accepted! Thanks for haveing the patience to read this far!

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Dear Kibbleanna7,

Well I don't think anyone can diagnose you until you have had all the scans etc. Try not to worry, of course it's frightening to think of what may be but then it may not! So stay positive until you find out what is going on.




Thanks Lorna, I've read some articles that say there is a link between vit d and costochrondritis so I'm holding out for that xx


ahh is is so worrying isnt it all the waiting for results ...try to take your mind off it and i know that is not easy to do ... go for run or have a foot massage or a nice bath ..whatever you can do to take your mind off things..... try to stay as positive as you can ..or it will drive you mad ....we are all here for a chat when you want to chat....let us know the results xx


Thank you Scaredtlj yep it's definitely on the horrible list of things to wait for. Had to leave work yeasterday with migraine caused by stress! Not long for scan now.

Does anyone know roughly how long the results take to get back to your go? I waited 2 weeks for X-ray results to come back!

Thanks xx


Its usually two weeks. But dont worry too much they will contact you if they think its urgent.

I am surevyou will be fine. :) xx


Thanks jillygirl xx much appreciated xx


Dear Kibbleanna7

Sorry to hear about all the stress you have had in the lead up to and being told you have shadows on your lung.

There are a few cases that show there may be a link with Vitamin D deficiency and Costochondritis which causes chest pain, you can view on the following link -

Shadows on the lung can show a number of things including pneumonia. However human nature as it is for us, it is understandable you are worried. Great advice from fellow bloggers on using distraction and pampering yourself meanwhile.

On a positive note it is good they are checking for everything and a scan would be the next thing to look at. Also credit to you for stop smoking.

We have a free nurse-led telephone helpline on 0333 323 7200 if you wish to discuss anything.

Good luck with everything and let us know how your results go

The Roy Castle Support Team


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