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Scared and uncertain

Hi there, I'm 41 and have a 7 year old adopted son with my husband who has stage 4 NSCLC.behich has spread to his lymph nodes. To date he has not wanted treatment, trying alternative methods instead. This seems to have slowed down the growth but not stopped it. We are due at the oncologist tonight as my husband has completely lost his voice which is apparently a common symptom. I am scared for our future, our son is really struggling (he also has FASD from birth mother drinking in pregnancy) he has so many issues, I have a great circle of friends but no family locally and don't really know where to start in trying to keep our family together. I work part time in a job I love but does not offer much flexibility. I feel like I'm drowning and we've not even got to the worst of it yet. Do any of you have young children going through the same? How are you managing to cope?

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Dera Loulapops,

I am so sorry you are having so many stressors in your life just now.By this time you and your husband will have had your appointment with the Oncologist and hopefully a management plan will have been put in place which you and husband agree on.

We have a MEDIKIDZ comic book which I can send you for your son if you send me a private email with your address or alternatively telephone the Helpline Freephone 0800 358 7200 with your details.This comic book(A superhero adventure inside the human body)is written by doctors and has been reviewed by leading medical health related professionals,explains Non Small Cell Lung Cancer to children.

Have you spoken to your health Visitor who might have details of some local support.There will also be a clinical nurse specialist attached to the Oncologists team.He/she may be able to provide you with some help and advice.If you don't have a contact number the Oncologist secretary will you contact details.

With kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline


My children are 10 and 12 (both girls). I had stage 2 NSCLC diagnosed in May last year and had surgery and chemo and am lucky that my last scan in December was clear. My children struggled initially. The schools were great with both the children - one is at primary and one at secondary and if there is a teacher or another adult friend he can talk to that helps. My eldest had counselling through school as well. The Mcmillan service can help in going through talking to children as well.

I really feel for you and wish you and your family well. Try to keep your normal routines going as much as possible if you can. I've just gone back to work and feel more normal than I have in months.

Jackie (Aged 47)


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