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What to expect?

Hi all,

My mum has had a cough for 4-5 months, sometimes productive, sometimes not. Normally the colour is white, but it is occasionally green.

She had a chest x-ray and this has come back clear, she also had spirometerty test, which come back ok, not amazing. She got 66% and the 'OK' is 70% apparently.

The doctor can't hear any chest infection, so he has referred her to a lung specialist.

I'm terrified she's got lung cancer. It seems like the worrying will never end for me :(

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Hi Jodie 1995

I am sorry to hear that your mum is unwell. I know its a worrying time for you but it sounds like your mum is being reviewed as a precaution. Has your mum been asked to provide a sputum specimen? if not it may be worth suggesting it. If you are still concerned you could ask the specialist about a CT scan as it can show more than a chest x-ray. We have a nurse-led helpline, which closes today at 3pm until the 4th Jan 2017. Otherwise the online community here are a great source of support.

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Hi Jodie, Good advice already been given from NicF4, I would try not to worry too much.

It could possibly be just a case of a lung infection. If you dont mind me asking was or is Mum a smoker. Smoking can cause a chesty cough. ( I know that was what I used to suffer with when I smoked).

Have a word with your lung cancer specialist, they are very helpful for putting your mind at ease. It doesnt matter that your not the patient, they are there for all the family.

Try chill out over Christmas if you can. :) xx


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